• Oversee the fund distribution process, including agency applications and reports

  • Strengthen the non-profit sector of the community by determining and providing needed and appropriate resources (beyond funding) to non-profit agencies

  • Strengthen United Way’s relationship with human service organizations in the community

  • Act as a networking link among various human service organizations, both those that are funded by United Way and those that are not

  • Meet monthly to plan the fall campaign

  • Formulate campaign strategy, campaign organization, and time tables

  • Assist in recruitment and direct the campaign to maximize its effectiveness

  • The campaign chairperson(s) shall be responsible for recruiting and appointing the other members of the committee in such numbers as may be prescribed by the policies and guidelines established by the Board of Directors



  • Meets in June and December and/or January. This committee makes funding recommendations to the Board

  • Reviews funding applications

  • Meets with representatives from each agency applying for funding

  • Develops funding recommendations



  • Present the United Way's image to the public

  • Build relationships in and with the community

  • Communicate the impact United Way’s work has in and on the community

  • Educate the public about philanthropy and ways to engage in thoughtful charitable giving

  • Work through the media and personal contacts to meet these aims

  • Work to recruit new members for the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis


  • Help to plan and execute a range of special events to increase UWACNEMO’s visibility and fund-raising capacity throughout the year

  • Meet monthly to plan quarterly special fundraising and other events

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